From Problem Child To Pastor – The Story of Jay Cookingham

Jay Cookingham
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Jay Cookingham Bio

Like you, father of seven, speaker and author Jay Cookingham has seen the role of father

defined multiple ways over the years. Is fathering merely biological or something deeper?

Is the influence of a dad that important in a child’s life? Has society lost the vision of

true fatherhood and if it has…is there hope for that society?

Jay has seen the effects of bad fathering verses great fathering over the years and he

believes there is hope. Having been raised in an abusive home, he knows the pain of an

abusive dad but also knows the freedom God gives when you forgive. It is out of this

freedom that Jay delivers a powerful message of hope. Fathering is a choice to live, love

and forgive like the Heavenly Father; this is how we can men after God’s own heart.

Jay mixes personal stories, God’s word and encouragement in a humorous, lay back style

but with an energy that comes from a heart that knows the Father’s love. It’s that love

that he hopes to convey and connect the audience with.

Jay’s writings have been featured in 8 books, the latest being “God Makes Lemonade”

and “A Man After God’s Heart: When a Father’s Spirit Soars”, published by Thomas

Nelson. He has spoken at Iron Sharpens Iron men events and numerous men’s groups in

the Hudson Valley. Jay serves as pastor at Bridge Builders Community Church in Hyde

Park, NY.

The best personal achievement has been his marriage to Christine, his bride of 33 years.

His seven totally awesome kids have taught him how to be a great Dad and helped him be

a better man in the process.

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9 Comments on “From Problem Child To Pastor – The Story of Jay Cookingham

  1. Rodney a.k.a. FatherPreneur (I love this), thanks for sharing Jay’s story. I have known several people that have come from an abusive relationship. LoVE is the way, and I strongly believe that Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need. Thanks for having a blog that is sharing gratitude. It’s great, or as you say, it’s Greatitude!

    #BeKindAlways no matter


    • Cheerful I have chosen to use my platform to spread positivity and opportunity, as well as hope.

    • Thank you Sheena. It’s a pleasure to get to share Jay’s amazing story.

  2. First let me begin by saying ~ thank you for sharing this amazing story. It is a powerful and enlightening testimonial. Also, I found some fascinating components as I was watching.The message was very powerful. What was also powerful ~ How man deal with abuse and emotion vs women. I strongly feel after watching this amazing story ~ a demostration of a man made in the image of God. The obedience both men and women are called to do! Our call to action. Dealing with our emotions. It is not a sin to have emotions. Jesus struggled with anxiety an depression. The Lords way! The Lord can truly shine in every broken part. Also, men use a logic that women lack. Men and women feel the same emotions however deal very differently. The glimpse of logic that broken men or in emotional clamity, is a call to women and I say that in love and kindness. I am a women that has dealt with a history of abuse in my life. There is no blame shame in that! Learning logic and seeking clarity before reacting has been a learning curve for myself and how pursue in my professional passions! Thank you!

    • Thank you Lindsay for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your take on things.

  3. Lindsay, Isn’t it good of God to give us insight and wisdom into how to walk out our freedom! Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully.

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